A new selection of eastern brocade prints

23 horizontal diptychs by Taiso Yoshitoshi

Yoshitoshi had made prints, based on popular scenes from kabuki, before. The new series was far more beautiful and luxurious. It took five years to design and produce the prints (1885-1889). The traditional kabuki is quite unfamiliar for Western people, but Yoshitoshi used naturalistic settings. This approach has been influenced by Dutch drawing booklets.

The prints are listed in the order used by Segi and Keyes. When a thumbnail is clicked, a new page will be opened. The title, a large picture and a description unfold. A 'slide show' of individual prints begins, if ‘next print’ is clicked.


Jan van Reek


1. The story of Otomi and Yosaburo

2. Sakura Sogo leaving his family


3. The story of Priest Nitto of Emmeiin Temple

4. A boy hurls a brazier at Kataoka Gengoemon during the night attack of the 47 ronin

5. The duel between Miyamoto Mishashi and Tsukohara Bokuden

6. The Shogun Tsunayoshi teaches Osame to be a courtesan

7. Murai Choan murders his brother at the crossroads of Fudanotsuji

8. The fireman Kotengu Keisuke battling the sumo wrestler Yotsuguruma Daihachi at the Shinmei Shrine in Shiba (1805)

9. The priest Ikkyu meets the courtesan Jigoku dayu and her attendants

10. The farmer Jirozaemon from Sano murders the courtesan Yatsuhashi

11. The priest Dainichi murders Umegae

12. The story of Shiraito , a courtesan of the Hashimoto House

13. The story of Okuma from the Shirokoya family

14. The story of Tamiya Botaro

15. Okubo Hikozaemon carried to the shogun’s castle in a tub

16. Lady Ejima and the actor Ikushima Shigoro

17. The demon Omatsu kills Shirosaburo at the ford

18. The banquet at the Koshida Palace

19. Komurasaki lamenting at the grave of her lover Shirai Gompachi

20. Ota Dokan deciding to study poetry

21. Kusonoki writes his testament and bids farewell to his son Masatsura at Sukurai

22. Minamoto no Yoshitsune rescuing Kenreimon during the sea battle of Bonnoura

23. The Story of the strong woman Takashina Oiko

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