WHIMS       =      WHat  Is  Maf  Strange

Sorry, for not providing an explanation in proper english for WHIMS. I could not find a better one. If you suppose, the order of the four words betrays their dutch origin, then you are perfectly right. If "WHow...Is Maf Strange?" is better for you the forget the other one, but never forget the convention.

For some mysterious reason in MAF the 1NT and 2NT responses on the 1 opening bid are not needed for the system.
Just omitting these responses would be too bad. Therefore it is good to realize, that with a 5,5 in the major suits you get the whim to want to inform your partner immediately about this very valuable possession.
After a 1 opening we offer also the 2NT response to WHIMS, because here the major suit information is very valuable too. Unfortunately here we cannot do without the 1NT response.

The WHIMS-convention implies that, both NT responses to 1 and the 2NT response to 1, have similar conventional meanings as the openingbids of 1NT and 2NT have in MAF. The 1NT response on 1 and the 1NT opening are done on the same types of hands.

After a response of: