SuperMAF is a convention that can be applied after all those opponent's opening bids which may be preemptive. I did not invent this "super Mysterious Armed Force" myself, some very nice people told me about this treasure.
So you must apply the convention too on e.g. the Multi 2 opening bid because these kind of openings are usually preemptive.
If you have a very strong hand you must do something.
You always hold one of the next three types of hands:

  1. Strong two suiter:
    call your shortest suit, unless this is the opponent's suit, then call the other short suit.
  2. Strong one-suiter:
    double, to show you have one long suit and a strong hand.
  3. Strong and more or less balanced, covering the opponents suit heavy
    call 2NT or double a 3-level opening.
  4. Else:
A strong hand has at least 15 total points. With weaker hands you should take no risks. May be your partner can do something.

The response to the overcall in the same order:

  1. response to a suit overcall:
    If you're weak (0-6 hcp's) the cheapest bid in one of partners (possible) suits (these are the remaining suits) in which you have a 4+card. If you're stronger you may raise your response. The overcaller does a final bid.
  2. response to the double:
    If you're weak (0-6 hcp's), relay i.e. the cheapest possible bid and if you're stronger one step higher in suits for every 2 hcp's. The doubler does a final bid.
  3. response to 2NT:
    There are three different responses.; they all are commonly final bids:
    • pass, whithout anything special
    • 3NT with 10 hcp's and a balanced hand
    • 3/4/5, depending on the strength, when you possess a 5-suiter, in that suit
  4. "response" to a pass:
    If possible a "superMAF" overcall, else "pass".

The essence of the convention may formulated shortly as:

  While using the opponent's preemptive opening, the overcaller describes his valuable hand in such a way, that his partner provides him at once with all the information he needs, for doing a sound final bid.

If you want to see examples of bridgames in which the matter, treated in this section, is practiced you should click on examples and choose for the appropriate convention or for any typical opening bid.