double SHiD

SHiD bid can only be done during auctions that are opened with 1. We distinguish between SHiD+ and SHiD+++. These void/singleton showing bids are made by, respectively, the responder in his first response (+) or by the opener in his rebid (+++).
So SHiD bids serve the same purpose as splinter bids. There are however several important differences: In MAF it is general practice to splinter with a single jump after a major suit opening bid. Unless the fact that double jumps are never applied, we still talk of splinter-bids. The latter differences forced us to imagine a new name for the convention.
There are two SHiD conventions.
The SHiD+ and SHiD+++ bids have a few properties in common: In some other aspects the SHiD-properties are different for the two types: SHiD hands are far less frequent then SHiT hands. My partner and I experienced relatively many misunderstandings with these conventions, probably why they seldom occur, and also because they are quite new in our system.

In case of a void/singleton in a suit of an overcall, this is shown by doing a cue bid similar to the splinter splinter cue.

If you want to see examples of bridgames, in which the matter, treated above, is practiced, you should click on examples and choose for the appropriate convention or for any other typical call.

This convention is part of the MeRDe-complex ("MeRDe "= "Mean Repulsive Devices ", 'merde ' also is the french translation of 'shit '; it is used quite often by angry Frenchmen).
This complex consists of the next, void or singleton showing, conventions: SHiD+, SHiD+++, splinter, MaD+++, CUE, WievandeDrie and SHiCe