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M.A.F.  is a bidding system for  bridge players. It is a combination of a number of traditional conventions and many, at least for the author, completely new ideas.
This system does not contain elements that are not allowed by the rules of the  NBB .
This internet site gives a description of the system. It will be explained why several basic choices were made.
For an overview of the contents we invite you to scroll the menu parts of this frame. Be sure that you do not forget the overview of the overviews.

The MAF system is build on four simple points of departure": Around this foundation a complete system was built. This system is described on this site. The description includes many details. If you are interested, than here is a second recommendation. Read this introduction first and have a short look around on my site. Convince yourself through this site-seeing that the system is described seriously and comprehensively, but that you need instructions to study it efficiently. A guide is provided here for your convenience and will be always available in the bottom button bar.

The main characteristics of the MAF system are listed here:

I hope you do not mind me telling you, that I am self-confident enough to say, that bridge players will never regret that they took the pains of reading about MAF:

With these qualities MAF completely meets the design criteria. Therefore at least somebody is happy now, and that somebody is me.
Of course I hope that many people will visit this website and become happy too. If you are here for the first time I recommend (again) to read the valuable tips and hints first. hey are about browsing this site and why you should use a particular browser.
Those visitors of this site who are really interested and want to study MAF off-line should make use of the opportunity given here to download MAF completely and install on your own computer.
This here is especially for Americans who are not used to driving on the wrong side of road like many other (sorry, but I think this is funny) english speaking tribes on this world do.
You should read the description in a strange order, at first the most easy bid: 1NT (the description here is also a further introduction into the rest of this website) and then successively: 1ª, 1© and somewhat more difficult: 1§ and finally the most complicated 1¨. In this way the logical structure of the system is more easily understood. In the menu the same arrangement is chosen.

I did not design the MAF-system all by myself. Though I did not study much papers and books, I must tell you about the sources from which I stole or derived ideas and where I got the inspiration from.

Finally I like to tell that I have been searching everywhere for a probability table, that gives the "chance of getting a hand with a given distribution and a given strength, measured in HCP points". It might be interesting for some of you to know that, not being able to find it,  I finally decided to start trying to calculate the table myself. After long strenuous calculations I succeeded to draw up these tables. This result is probably unique. If you want to see them, then click here now in order to get the proper menu (if need be you must return to the framed window first, to be able to see and click the probability menu). The result is valuable anyway. It can be applied measuring the "weight of importance" of certain "families of hands". The frequencies of occurrence of every of the multi meanings of every opening bid can now easily be calculated for any arbitrary bidding system. The results for MAF are published on this site now.

Chiel Verwoest,   MAAAA *
december 1998,

*   AAAA = Anonymous Acronym Abuse Association

have a look at the disclaimer: you have the right to copy, apply and enjoy MAF, but you do not have the right to exploit my MAF-fe pages commercially without my written permission.

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