This page is not yet ready. There are not any examples yet, sorry. In my opinion this should not hamper the publication of this website. The contents are still very useful for interested visitor.

There is no point in writing a page which leads to non existing examples. I think it is very premature to write examples from my own experience, while at this moment there are no other teams that play MAF. Moreover collecting examples as well as typing them out is a lot of work. I am thinking of building tools that can simplify this task. Further I think it is clever do this preliminary task first.
If you start playing MAF and collect interesting hands from your experience, I will learn in the meantime some Java script and Java programming language. The next half year I will try to build and insert the result in this website. The result has to be a gadget, which realizes the possibility for exchanging bridge hands (and comment) fast and easily, without loading to heavy on the memory of my provider's server. Then your collection can, at least partly, be added to this site.

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