• MIRROR ARTIST was a Windows Program on CD-ROM. It is from 1995. Now it is obsolete
  • MIRROR ARTIST is an unique Paint Program to design Escher like drawings, like the Donald Duck drawing left
  • All 17 different Symmetry Systems available (P1 to P6M)
  • Pictures saved as BMP files
  • Choose your pencil width and your color
  • Very suitable for children, they are very enthousiastic!
  • Original gift, to an original person, from an original person
  • Windows program in Dutch language, with self explainary buttons (e.i. pencil, staight line, circle, Text etc.)

  • John A.L. Osborn, Editor of THE AMPHOGRAPHER, wrote in his Magazine about MIRROR ARTIST:
    Though I have never personally attempted to use a computer in creating figurative tilings, a couple of people (non-artists) have extolled to me the ease with which this or that program can facilitate creation of figurative tilings.
    But until now, with Mr. Kuiper's work, I have not seen work from these people which evidences a quality, ingenuity or talent beyond the level to be found in the 'rorschached' tilings of faces, etc. which are routinely produced by grade-schoolers doing math teaching exercises in tiling.
    Program or pencil, Kuiper's work is impresive, and I wish him the best, whatever he chooses to do with his tiling program.

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