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What is Logoview?

Logoview is a simple DOS-based program, that allows you to view a Windows95 animated startup logo file, without booting the system.

Great for people developing their own logo's. Or, when you have downloaded a lot of them and don't want to reboot every time to view each logo animate (and to find our that there is no animation). You could even use it as a kind of screensaver...

System Requirements

Logoview was coded in good old C, and compiled to 16-bit DOS executable, and it doesn't take many resources. Any MS-DOS would be nice, although this program runs under Windows3.11 or Windows95 (of course) as well.

Logoview is freeware, use it at your own risk, and have fun with it!

How to use Logoview?

It's fairly simple. You don't have to be a computer guru to find out the procedure. Just follow these easy steps:
In DOS or in a DOS box under Windows:

You can find out about the many options in the program by executing 'Logoview' without any command line arguments.
Automatic lauching of a logo file under Windows:

Logoview command line options

You can find out about the many options in the program by executing 'Logoview' without any command line arguments.

Error messages

NOTE1: If Logoview does not display anything at all, your graphics card maybe does not support the correct mode. Try option -b.
NOTE2: Logoview uses display commands via VESA driver. If your graphics card BIOS does not support VESA, then download "UniVBE" from a shareware site.
Better VESA recognition still to be added to Logoview.

What is an animated startup logo?

If you are a user of Windows95 you normally see the 'start logo' everytime you power-up or reboot your system. The default logo is a cloudy blue sky with the well-known Microsoft logo signs on it. On the bottom of the screen a small blue line is scrolling sideways.

You can easily change this screen with any picture that you like: (with a little help of a graphics utility)

But how about an animated startup logo?

Animation is created by changing the color palette of the file: some of the 256 colors in the image will rotate. By clever assignment of colors to certain pixels in an image the effect of animation is created.
See my homepage for a few examples of how this animation may look like.

An animated startup logo is still the same type of file, but with a few differences:

How do I create my own animated startup logo?

Any examples?

By the way, there is no animation possible on the 'closing' and 'shutdown' screens of Windows95.

Where to find Logoview

The latest version will be available at http://www.inter.nl.net/hcc/A.Jaw.Venema
E-MAIL to: A.Jaw.Venema@net.HCC.nl

History overview

0.94	19961229	alpha4