For Windows95, DOS and LINUX (release 0.90)

Last update of this page: 19990130. QLAY and QLAYW release, with executables and source code.

QLAY, what is it?

Design idea of QLAY is to fully support the Sinclair QL hardware. All original I/O is emulated. There is no focus on adding emulation for hardware extensions like floppy or hard drives, video cards etc. One exception is made: Native File Access allows access to the DOS/Linux file system. With these hardware components emulated, all original QL/QDOS software can be executed on QLAY. Newer QDOS versions are thus supported as long as they run fine on the original QL hardware.

1. QLAY: Windows95, DOS and Linux

Manual 0.90

QLAY manual updates (19990130)

QLAYW 0.90: Windows95 version of QLAY with support files. (193k)

New in 0.90 (19990130): "Double mouse" pointers solved, use F12. And,
International keyboard support: US, UK, GE, FR, IT.
Configuration setup dialog for option settings.
WIN1_ till WIN8_. Recognize WIN1_BOOT boot file.
Quick start installation: download, unzip, and 'start/run' qlayw.
Supports any screen size or display mode, direct boot, mouse.

QLAY 0.90: MS-DOS version of QLAY with support files. (202k)

Version 0.90 (19990130): International keyboard support: US, UK, GE, FR, IT.
WIN1_ till WIN8_. Recognize WIN1_BOOT boot file. Quick start installation: download, unzip, and 'start/run' qlay. Bug fixes and other small changes.

QLAY 0.83: LINUX versions of QLAY and QLAYT. (97k)

New in 0.83 (19970906): LINUX versions with all the same features, options and use as the DOS version and some other small changes.

QLAYS 0.90: Source code of QLAY, QLAYW, NFA and QLAYT. (139k)

Version 0.90 (19990130): Full source code. You're chance to improve QLAY the way you like.


QLAYT tools 0.90 is the support program for QLAY. (56k)

Access DOS files in QLAY as WIN1_, and many other features (19990130).

QLAYT provides a set of tools and general support functions for the QL emulator QLAY. The tools are needed because the QL and it's operating system QDOS have some pecularities that do not match well with most other Operating Systems. Most obvious difference is that QDOS files consist of two parts: a header block and the actual data file. To allow transparent access from the emulator program to the native file system it's needed that the file header is stored separately.

The QLAYT program takes care of inserting or extracting files into/from a directory file. It knows about datasize fields. And will import and export files from other QDOS compatible systems and QLAY's MDV file format.


You want to use QL floppies with QLAY? Try qltoolsq.zip (19980519, 92k).
It converts all QL files on floppy to QLAY format. With just one command.
How? Read qltoolsq.txt.

Original qltools27.zip for DOS, WinNT and OS/2 is on Thierry Godefroy's site, see below.

3. QL ROMs

JM and JS ROMs (69k)

The ROMs are copyright Amstrad plc. Distribution, use on a non-commercial basis is allowed.

New (19990130) JS-4M.ROM (36k)

JS-4M.ROM is a patched version of JS.ROM to support 4 Megabyte RAM in QLAY.

German ROMs MGG and MF (71k)

With these ROMs a German keyboard is immediately supported! (19970906).

4. QL Programs

Do you remember?

In QLAY compatible MDV format (19970807).
The 'PSION' programs are copyright Amstrad plc. Distribution, use on a non-commercial basis is allowed.

The new Quill, Easel, Abacus, Archive: Xchange (127k)

Ramdisc included (19970824).

An Archanoid type game: Josiah Oobadiah (43k)

This classic game was done by Mark Incley, back in 1989. Make sure to choose a proper speed/delay setting with options -f and -w (19970906).


QL WAR is a simple simulation of a war between armies, navies and air forces.
QL WAR (110k). The game is prepared for direct use in QLAY. Instructions and tutorial on how to do the QLAY preparation your self are included. (19980516)

5. Dev's Stuff

For QL emulator programmers.

Check out the full source code above!

The QL IPC code (8049): ipc8049.zip (19971125, 18k)
Included are QL IPC disassembly and 8049 related information.

6. Support and links

QDOS manual (26k)

Introduction to QDOS and SuperBasic commands. From Amiga QDOS.

Sinclair QL related web-sites

Thierry Godefroy's Sinclair QL and QDOS compatible systems support site

Peter Jager

Die h.p. von Ha-peh! für'n QL

ftp.nvg.unit.no /sinclair/ql

ftp.nvg.unit.no /mirror/maya

Camelot Web: Sinclair QL in Spain

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